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The 1st half schedule for 2014 is now posted.  Click on the link to the left.


Read the latest edition of Gridlines HERE


We would like to welcome the SOLO Executive Board for 2014. Questions for Points should be directed to the Vice Chair:

SOLO Chairman   Robbie Robinson
SOLO Vice Chair  

Michael Snare

SOLO Secretary   Heather Abrahim
SOLO Treasurer   Dennis Trevino

SOLO in San Diego is run via a sub-committee under the SCCA Region 57 Board. 


The 2013 SOLO Supplementary Regulations are available online HERE.


Want to receive email notification of upcoming events?  If so, please register HERE to be added to our new email list.  This list will be used to provide official notifications of events, flyers posted, event changes, and other official business from the San Diego Solo executive board. We may also potentially use this email list as a way of delivering HTML email versions of the flyers.
You have the option of signing up with HTML enabled or not. The advantage of HTML is images, colors, and more. Do not select HTML if you use an email client that does not allow it. You will always have the easy option of unsubscribing at any time.
Note that you will be required to click on a verification in an email that will be sent to you, for the subscription to take affect.
These email lists will not be used for any other purposes and your contact information is safe and secure and only used for this official purpose.

We may add other email lists in the future for specific purposes. For example:
1. SCCA region road racing notices
2. SCCA region rally



See the cool new video done by local region and SCNAX member Stephen Chiang below.

Autocross Documentary from Stephen Chiang on Vimeo.



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